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How Blockchain Works CEO Talks with Coinsilium

The concept of technology Blockchain come a long way even in his short life but how it is adapted to support future business opportunities? Eddy Travia Director of Concilium joined us Concilium a listed company that helps the development of societies Emerging blockchain Eddy Welcome a fascinating subject and indeed it's early, but it's such a long way at such a speed that we need to talk about this in a little more detail, but first I want to understand what blockchain blockchain just Bitcoin is the underlying technology a decentralized registry which many transactions are recorded and linked to a chain of blocks essentially and Is directly related to the currency Bitcoin with Crypto or is it in general information? the feeling that he has solved the problem of double expense because many people try to digital cash but blockchain before you could not prove you're not spending the same twice the digital asset in a way then who owns blockchain I had to use blockchain for a process on which I look to make sure it works well? nobody really has the blockchain feel initially like blockchain Public blockchain is coded "open-source" So there are hundreds or thousands blockchain of which can coexist really in the world and you does not need a central authority or a centralized society to possess blockchain Where is this more applicable now? as I said it is expanding continuously this is a particular section works now? or it starts to be adopted more widely? obviously it started with transactional solutions type and Applications that means sending the value through the Internet in a way that could happen before but now because of its unforgeable recording data timestamp data blockchain it is used by many large institutions, including banks, insurance they experience for all see how it can improve their system and also be profitable in the future So there has been someone there in the process who wins the money or it makes the process easier cheaper more reliable faster? A bit of both! there are consultants are companies that sell solutions with blockchain but if you talk infrastructure systems you move on existing systems blockchain it is a long term process

People make money in this area which is really a type of model Business IT Infrastructure Company but it will take some time before these solutions are implemented Or do you see Coincilium in all this? How you stand? Early in 2013, we started the incubation companies, then we move to a more Traditional investment we call PVC which means that we are investing very early at the beginning and we want to help the construction of this infrastructure and build companies that will help large companies and other persons General to adopt this technology I'm curious to see where we are in the Will it be in 8 10, I asked this because a picked a quote here Deloitte says: "In 2025 almost 10% of all global GDP will stored on blockchain "Is this realistic? Do you think it's only 8 years old us? First of all this to change much over the last eight years in the world of Bitcoin and therefore blockchain for example in 2013, we could not imagine all applications and solutions that are work today especially with the advent of smart contracts makes this very interesting for people of businesses interact with the blockchain so I think in the future, there are many initiatives of governments want to move a large number of records, processes the blockchain so I think probably such studies seeking large-scale initiatives Could this be related the blockchain also? Any form of assets can be tokenized or be recorded on the blockchain You mentioned the word tokenized this is something we heard recently, tokenization national currencies

what it means and how it is linked to the whole idea of ​​blockchain? Imagine for example, instead of have our money we call paper money, it could be related a cryptocurrency eg 1 pound or 1 euro dollar we called Trustee cryptocurrency and there Many central banks and governments experiencing this and there are also private solutions and so I think we arrive at a convergence between technology and the government or institutions and major objectives implement this type of solution Do you see obstacles to Global adoption of this immediately? until now the main obstacle was regulations that most regulators were not very clear about their position regarding both the crypto-currencies because the technology is blockchain that technology and so can not really be regulated in that sense, but in terms cryptocurrency and regulations you need technical skills and there under construction solutions, but I would say that there are still efforts to be made to the general public the adopted wider The regulation is a very interesting concept car some organizations worldwide like to have control over things and crypto-currencies, their attraction I understand that they are outside and it is ca makes it attractive that you can sign border contracts You are not regulated! If you start to regulate this space cryptocurrency this he slows not the development and blockchain the idea of ​​such operations without constraints? It's a bit more complex in the direction eg

countries like Japan that accept Bitcoin pay for some services and they have adopted legislation this sense, they have integrated into their regulatory framework and the US Bitcoin or crypto-currencies are considered different types of jurisdiction or say different legal sense eg Treasury will see them as money and is considered a first material for CFTC or eg you must pay tax on capital gains So it is quite complex, in that but there are regulations as to Gibraltar example they build a regulatory framework for DLT and of course also this year after all these what we call the offer token token sales is another type of asset that is not an act but an application we call a Token App specific for Token and this can also lead to a different settlement You said DLT explain what that means

It's registers distribution technology or in other words blockchain in a much broader concept We addressed crypto-currencies Let's talk about this now about that there are many chatter around Crypto currencies but it always seems return to Bitcoin How do you Progress crypto-currencies over the next 10 years? you see the narrowing of options? You see disparaitre`? or do you see this wide range of cryptocurrency offers retain all their importance? Well, there are many new cryptocurrencies to come every day on Bitcoin market goal remains the hand reference and is the strongest network with a strong work capacity based on incredible computing power so I do not really change it is natural to say that Bitcoin is a reference in the crypto-currencies but hoes on there new crypto as Ether who also grew well because of their applications and new like ?? coming so I would say in the future Looks increasingly crypto currencies hit the market and of course some die and others will do better We have seen this year shift in power eg Bitcoin now represents only 50% of the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies and this has decreased this year because many many crypto-currencies came on the market

Or do you see Bitcoin within the next 12 months? I think it could easily reach $ 10,000 10,000 per Bitcoin in 12 months? Yes Driven by what? there are some technical steps on how new technology and what we call Forks without being too technical if they occur, say gently and also most Token sales happening on the network Ethereum, but in the future with solutions like SRK they could arrive on the Bitcoin network This will give a little say more weight in the landscape crypto-currencies fascinating topic Eddie thank you indeed to drop by to give us some of your time Eddie director Concilium a listed company that aid developing early stage TECH companies